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How It Works

Ampifi Influencer System Step 1

Recruit Micro-Influencers

Ampifi finds, hires, & manages quality micro-influencers matched to your brand

Ampifi Influencer System Step 2

Influencer Post

Ampifi gets the influencers to post on their page, featuring your brand

Ampifi Influencer System Step 3

Track & Boost

Ampifi tracks the influencer's results and gives you boosting & UGC access

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Book a call with Ampifi to get started. After the call, you will be invited to the Ampifi platform to launch a campaign.

How long does it take?

Once you've launched a campaign, your influencers will start posting as soon as 3 - 4 weeks. The remainder of your influencers depends on the package you select.

How much work does it take for us?

Most campaigns will take ~15 minutes in the Ampifi platform for the brand in entirety. That's it! We will do everything else for you.

How do I know what my results for the campaign are?

All of the results are tracked and shared in the Ampifi platform. You will get access to the platform once you are ready to launch a campaign.

How do you find influencers?

When you launch your campaign, you will tell us who your target customer & ideal influencer is. We will use this information to plug into our system to find the best influencers across social media that match your brand. We will actively recruit these influencers in tandem with your campaign.

Can I approve the influencers we work with?

Yes. You will be able to review & approve the influencers before we officially hire them.

Which platforms do you work with?

Instagram and TikTok.

What type of influencers do you work with?

Micro-influencers. We have found the best results & best "bang for our buck" with influencers who have between 10K-50K followers.

How do I access the Ampifi platform?

We will grant you access to the Ampifi platform when you are ready to run your first campaign. Once you've gotten into the platform, you can always access it from our website's menu item: "Sign In".

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