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Ampifi finds your dream influencers, hires them to feature your brand, and tracks their results. All done-for-you.

Run unlimited influencer campaigns focused on the results most important to you, whenever you'd like.

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Scalable Influencer Marketing,

Influencer Marketing Was Time Consuming

Whether you're trying to DIY your influencer marketing, or use an influencer CRM tool like GRIN, there are too many steps to handle on your own. From finding the influencer who is just right, to sending countless follow-ups to make sure they actually post, you & your employees have better things to do be doing with your time. A well-oiled influencer program could easily take 40-hours a week. With Ampifi's done-for-you influencer campaigns, you can accomplish 40-hours of influencer marketing work in less than 40-minutes.

Influencer Marketing Was Unreasonably Expensive

When you start adding up the costs of an influencer marketing manager and an influencer CRM tool that will lock you into a long-term contract, your costs will be well over $100K/year. (Not to mention, this doesn't even account for paying the actual influencers!) With Ampifi, there are no long-term contracts or unnecessary fees; you only pay influencer fees, allowing you to put your influencer budget towards just that: influencers!

Focused On Results.

Build Your Own Influencer Campaign

When you're running an ad campaign on Facebook or Google, you can customize your campaign to your desires. Set your objective, budget, and target audience. Why can't you do that with an influencer campaign? With Ampifi, now you can. Choose a campaign objective based on your desired outcome, choose how many influencers you want for your campaign, and answer questions about your target audience. Ampifi will set up your influencer campaign based on your brand's custom needs.

Track Your Influencer Campaign Results

Once your influencers have posted, how do you know if it was a success? How do you know which influencers you should rehire? Unless someone is manually tracking views, engagements, and link clicks, there is no easy way to track the results of your influencer campaign. With Ampifi, you can view the results of each individual influencer's post, as well as the results of the campaign.

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